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​​Permanent Cosmetics, Areola Reconstruction, and Medical Tattooing LLC

Medically Certified, Licensed Body Art Practitioner: Terah Camacho


Invisible Ink!
Permanent makeup is going beyond cosmetic use to camouflage surgical scars, burns, stretch marks, and discolored skin.
It is a wonderful alternative to cosmetic surgery.                       Correcting skin pigment is possible for everyone!

  My permanent cosmetic work includes the most modern touches, with classic styles on 3-D eyebrows with single "hairs", high end natural brows, eyeliner, lip liner,  and full lip color.

​I provide excellence in detail and preciseness of realistic looking areolas/ nipple reconstruction, scar, and burn camouflage, skin pigmentation improvement, and scalp Micro Pigmentation.

   In my practice you will find a pain free experience. I take the time to use sufficient topical anesthetics, with any of my cosmetic and Medical Tattooing  procedures.  Your experience is the most important factor. I am dedicated to give you results that will make the difference, and customize each color to give you the detailed and natural look you desire. 


Located Within: Alter Ego Salon at 50 NW 2nd Street Gresham, OR 97030 
For an appointment please call: (503)730-3316 /