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Areola / Nipple Reconstruction and Enhancements

 Insurance required to pay for areola reconstruction procedures!
I will provide an itemized receipt needed by your insurance company so you may get reimbursed. I will need a referral letter from your physician listing me as the referral along with a copy of your insurance card. I cannot bill insurance directly. It is required by law that your insurance company reimburse you but you may need to follow-up several times to be reimbursed.

3D Nipple Reconstruction
     Areola reconstruction also referred to as 3D nipples and nipple/areola restoration/reconstruction can be the final part of an emotional and brave journey for women and men who have undergone breast surgery or a mastectomy. The procedure can also correct uneven or discolored areolas. This procedure can restore the natural beauty of your nipples and breasts as well as give you a more confident outlook about yourself and your own femininity. permanent makeup can be used to create a more natural looking breast after your reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of life-like areolas and nipples.

Generally it is necessary to wait a minimum of 5 months after the date of your final surgery to have your areola reconstruction procedure.

Color Creating a custom color palette, my target is to create the illusion of depth, shadow, and texture. Pigments are carefully layered in varying tones and hues to give a natural, 3-D effect.  

Generally 2-3 sessions are needed to achieve desired results.

Natural Nipple Enhancement: If your natural nipples are uneven, in need of color definition, or if you desire any change to there appearance, we may be able to use pigmentation enhancements to help you with the look you desire.